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Thank You!

Has your business/organization helped out the University Soup Kitchen??

Look for a shoutout from us here on this page!

Thanks for your support! It takes a village!


Walmart has been our biggest supporter for several years. Our doors would not be open if it were not for the kindness and generosity of Leadership at Walmart, at the corporate and local level. They have provide volunteers, mini grants, gift cards and general support since 2020! Please support your local Walmart's, they are supporting the community through us and other organizations. Thank you Walmart!

Lowes foods has been supporting us for several years!

Here's what we've been working on

Check out some of our biggest volunteer/ in-kind donation partners! They help with volunteers and supplies at various times throughout the year!

These orgs support us by donating canned goods, toys, funds, hygiene supplies and more!

Please support these organizations who are helping us to support the community!

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