University Soup Kitchen

Making a difference one day at a time

The University Soup Kitchen has served thousands of meals since February 2014. Founded on the campus of UNC Chapel hill, we are a SMALL group of people who are passionate about ending homelessness. Over the past two years, through fundraising and community events we have served thousands of meals but there is so much more to come.

By September 2019 we aim to connect the major university cafeteria systems (UNCC, JCSU, JWU, DUKE, NCCU, UNC, NCSU) to check points around extreme homeless populations across North Carolina, low income secondary education centers, after school programs, homeless shelters & other food-banks. We don't believe in just feeding people, eventually when funds permit we hope to have a community center that rehabilitates the homeless and employees them to serve others.

This video reflects our spirit (this is not us in the video) We are a small group of people who care about those in need, and are willing todo whatever we can to make difference in someones life each day.